Trail of Hope

In 1942, a group of Lyons residents set out to create a place for the youth and towns people to gather for socializing and community events. With the help of Myron Taylor, this group of Lyons residents established the Lyons Community Center. The LCC was going to run operations out of the donated home of Myron Taylor, located at 51 Broad St. The LCC opened to the Public in December of 1944, becoming the meeting spot for many organizations and a place for youth to socialize. The primary users of the facility were the local Boy Scouts, Girl Scout, and Senior Citizen Groups. In the Early 1950’s, the LCC expanded operation with the construction of a small recreation hall with a stage, a commercial kitchen, a new teen center and new restroom. In the 60’s, the recreation hall was converted into a small basketball court which played host to the Annual Basketball Tournament and open recreation. In the early 70’s, the south lawn was convert to a basketball court which played host to small basketball, an ice skating rink, and the LCC 3 on 3 tournament. In the mid 90’s, programming increased with the addition of In-House basketball programs, travel basketball teams, youth indoor soccer, and youth dances. By the year 2000, the LCC program was outgrowing the small basketball court and the maintenances of the old Taylor home was become a major issue. The LCC Board began discussions on a possible renovation project. Through these discussions, it was found that the Broad St. location was no longer a fit for the LCC and a new build project was the goal. In April of 2004, with the help of many local businesses and a major benefactor, Bob Ohmann, the LCC Broke ground on the future site of the New Lyons Community Center located on Manhattan St. This new facility would include a 1500 seat 110 x 110 gymnasium, a 60 x 80 auxiliary gymnasium for small programming or rentals, a fitness area, a computer lab, a snack bar, a kitchen, and 4 meeting rooms. In August of 2005, the New LCC opened to the public and has host many major events including; Thanksgiving Community Dinner, Christmas Community Dinner, The Bill Martin Cole Circus, Wayne County Health Seminar, Youth Banquets, Benefit Dinners, Lyons HS Sporting Events, The Section V Class B Wrestling Super Sectional, Section V Volleyball Sectional, Section V Basketball Sectionals, Club Volleyball, AAU Basketball Tournaments, LCC Basketball Tournaments, Craft Fairs, Youth Cheerleading Competitions, Diabetes Health Fair, Youth Extreme, and many more beneficial programs for the residents of Lyons.